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Socio-Economic Importance of Baraila Wetland


The aim of present work is to attempt has been made to highlight some of the socioeconomic conditions of fisherman community inhabiting the vicinity housing and living condition, occupation, education and income etc. The survey was conducted my means of a sample census, using a questionnaire. While surveying the socioeconomic conditions of the fisher men folk of Baraila wetland, Vaishali, Bihar, before the survey was done, a personal communication was made with the headman of each village for co-operation. A door to door survey was conducted of each village for conducted in each village and the information received from each fishing family was written in questionnaire. They are mostly exploited by the middleman for whom their economy is very adversely affected. It is urgently needed to make an effective all round policy to improve their social, economical and educational status. At the same time, it is essential to strengthen their organizational capacity so that they may be able to bring to court their business in comparatively better way. Reorganization of fisheries co-operative societies on scientific basis would go to a long way in improving the socio economic conditions of small fishermen operating in Baraila wetland fisheries.

Dheeraj Kumar Singh*, Abhishek Prasad Sahu, Radha Krishna Jha, D N Choudhary

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