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Spatial Distribution of Risk Factors Associated to Adolescent Mothers


Objective: To analyze the spatial distribution of risk factors associated with adolescent mothers.

Methods: Case-control study, with a sample of 279 cases (newborns <2, 500 g) and 558 controls (new borns ≥ 2, 500 g), collected from the Live Birth Information System. In the unadjusted analysis, Pearson's chisquare was used, with a descriptive value of p <0.20. In the adjusted multivariate model, p <0.05 was considered. In the spatial analysis, the distribution of points and Kernel density was used.

Results: The significant variables were: number of children born alive, weeks of gestation, number of prenatal consultations and type of pregnancy. In the spatial distribution, clusters were observed in regions of greater socioeconomic vulnerability.

Conclusions: The identification of risk factors for pregnancy in adolescence may indicate rapid and effective preventive strategies to avoid low birth weight.

Aline Ávila Vasconcelos2, Manoelise Linhares Ferreira Gomes2, Francisco Regis da Silva2, Marcos Aguiar Ribeiro2, Vanessa Barreto Bastos Menezes1, Erika de Vasconcelos Barbalho2, Danielle D'Ávila Siqueira Ribeiro2, Francisco José Maia Pinto2, Cybelle Façanha Barreto Medeiros Linard2

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