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Strategy to Improve the Tuberculosis Treatment Success Rate in the Municipality of San Miguel, Zamboanga Del Sur


The Municipality of San Miguel, Zamboanga del Sur has a significant number of non-compliant TB patients averaging to 13.70% in the past three years. The community based Directly Observed Treatment Short Course (DOTS) has been modified to address the issue but has been falling short from its targets. Efforts to reintegrate non-compliant TB patients is imperative to prevent worsening of the condition of the patient, the transmission of the disease, development of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDRTB) and ultimately poorer health outcomes. Reintegrating issues, however, involves addressing the reason for non-compliance in order to ensure completion of treatment. This study, therefore, aimed to determine and assess the factors influencing patient’s non-compliance to treatment and the circumstances revolving around it in order to determine an appropriate and effective strategy to address the problem. A qualitative study was carried out utilizing structured interview questionnaires. All defaulters (n=31) were traced and those still present in the municipality were enrolled in this study. This Action Plan and Project utilized the Bridging Leadership Framework Approach and was analyzed using IPOO model with the outputs further analyzed utilizing the Control Knobs of Health Systems Reform. Defaulters had a number of factors influencing non-compliance and the interplay of these factors brought about their non-compliance. Local governance and the establishment of a Local TB Council brought about health systems reform in the TB program of the Municipality of San Miguel

Dr. Francis Louis M

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