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Studies on Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression for Yield and Its Component traits in Green Gram [Vigna Radiata (L.) Wilczek]


A ten parent line x tester analysis was carried out to study the extent of heterosis and inbreeding depression for yield and its component traits in green gram at Brahmanand Mahavidyalaya Rath (Hamirpur), Uttar Pradesh. Heterosis over mid parent and better parent was significant to highly significant for seed yield/plant along with other attributing traits. The crosses exhibiting high heterosis also expressed high inbreeding depression both in the positive and negative direction for days to 50% flowering, pods/plant, pods/cluster, harvest index and seed yield/plant. Heterosis coupled with inbreeding depression revealed the predominance of both non-additive and additive gene action for most of the characters studied. Owing to its autogamous genetic architecture and biological constraints of the crop, the heterosis could be exploited only by isolating the desirable segregants for yield and its attributes adopting selection in early segregating generations followed by single plant selection in subsequent generations

Pushpendra Singh*

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