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Target therapy for bone metastatic prostate cancer with micro RNA145 inhibits tumor growth in vivo


The metastatic prostate cancer presents unfavorable, without cure and with high comorbid and low quality of life. Micro RNA (miRNA) is a class of non-coding RNA responsible for the expression control of at least 30% of human genes. Here we present the effects of treatment with miRNAs 145 in a pre-clinical model of disseminated bone metastatic prostate cancer. Methods: The pre-clinical model was created by the intra-cardiac injection of the cell line containing luciferase gene PC3-Luc-C6 in nude mice (Balb/c). Tumor growth was evaluated with in vivo bioluminescence (IVIS). After the full establishment of the bone metastasis at day 21 we treated the animals with three tail vein injections. They were analyzed weekly until day 48.

Alexandre Iscaife

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