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The Analgesic Effect of Aqueous Extract of Sisik Naga Leaves (Pyrrosia piloselloides (L.) M.G. Price) on White Female Mice (Mus musculus)


The use of the plant as one ingredient a treatment in indonesia has known since long time ago and until now there are still mostly done by the wider community. Sisik naga leaves are one of the plants that have been used traditionally by community as analgesic. This study aims to determine the analgesic effect of aqueous extract of Sisik naga leaves using three variations of dosage. The Complete Random Design (CRD) with 5 treatment groups was used in this study. The groups were: Group I, treated with tramadol 50 mg/kg BW, 0,5 ml/20 g BW as a positive control; Group II treated with distilled water 0,5 ml as a negative control; Group III-V treated with aqueous extract of Sisik naga leaves with 3 variations in dose 3.5 mg/20 g BW, 0,5 ml; 7 mg/20 g BW, 0,5 ml; and 14 mg/20 g BW, 0,5 ml. Thermal pain induction was done by placing the mice on hot plate with constant temperature of 55ºC. The mice gave a respond in the way of lick its back foot or even jumping. The data was collected was analyzed using one direction ANOVA model and it was continued with LSD test in order to find out the difference every treatment group. The results showed that dosage of 14 mg/20 g BW had an analgesic function

Mhd Riza Marjoni*, Zulfisa Arfiandi, Renti Nofani

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