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The Influence of Serodiscordance on the Behavior and Motivation of Sexual Practices among People Living with HIV/AIDS: A Qualitative Study


Introduction: The advent of antiretroviral treatment has contributed to increasing the quality of life of people who live with HIV, making it possible to change concepts and behaviors related to their life context, such as the acceptance of the disease and establishing or maintaining serodiscordant sexual relationships. Objective: This study’s objective was to analyze the influence of serodiscordance on the sexual practices of people living with HIV/ AIDS. Method: It is an exploratory study is a qualitative character. Indepth interviews were held with people living with HIV regarding serodiscordant sexual practices, in the Northeast of Brazil. The Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model was used for interpretation and analysis of the data. Results: The participants showed that the condition of serodiscordance influences the adopting of safe sexual practices, such as condom use. Fear and concern about transmitting the virus to the partner are significant, and show how essential it is to receive care from the health service. Conclusion: The main motivation, therefore, for safe sexual practices found in this study, was the fear of infecting the seronegative partner, and the behavior adopted most in the sexual practices was condom use.

Valéria Gomes Fernandes Da Silva, Euzamar De Araújo Silva Santana, Maria Da Conceição Dos Santos Oliveira Cunha, Claudia Regina De Andrade Arraes Rosa, Adriana Gomes Nogueira Ferreira, Márcio Flávio Moura De Araújo and Maria Aparecida Alves De Oliveira Serra

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