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The Origin, Method, Benefits and Criticisms of Cell Grazing


Cattles have been our companion since beginning. There was a time when feeding cattle was not of much concern. Growth in human population, advancements in our life, deforestation and reduction in grazing land, constant rise in dairy technology and human need altered the situations drastically, especially in the urban areas. At present, dairy firms are looking forward for smart and readymade feeding solutions for their livestock production units. Yet it is scientifically accepted that natural grazing is the best option for growing the livestock naturally and better way. Natural grazing not only helps in receiving the fresh food directly from the source, along with food grazing habits supports the cattle to use natural resources for their health and remedies based on their instinct, feeling and psychology. Several dairy firming industries, therefore, turning towards a natural solution and looking for solution to use the limited natural or artificially created grazing fields to its maximum limits. Cell grazing is such a concept which received appreciations as well as criticism from the concerned fraternity. This particular review is an attempt to summarize cell grazing where information has been presented from different views. We hope in future we will have an optimized solution for this important issue and will be able to provide natural resources easily to the livestock. This, in turn will improve the quality of life of the cattle as well as the quality of the dairy product.

Daisy Goodwin

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