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The Relationship between Family Functioning and Different Types of Aggression in Adolescents in 2014-2015


Background and objectives: Adolescence is one of the most important and sensitive stages of human development and adolescents are among the most vulnerable groups of a society. Aggression is a major problem associated with adolescence. The family is the first institution to which the individual belongs and family functioning is therefore a major factor in the incidence of aggressive behaviors in adolescents. The present study was conducted to determine the relationship between family functioning and different types of aggression in students aged 14-18 in Rasht, Iran, in 2014-2015. Materials and methods: The present descriptive correlational study was conducted in 2014-15 in the province of Gilan. The study population consisted of 26956 first to third-year students of public and private high schools in districts one and two of Rasht, northern Iran, aged 14-18 and selected through a two-stage cluster sampling method and The study sample size was calculated as 500. Data were collected using a demographic questionnaire, the Buss Perry Aggression Questionnaire (BPAQ) and the Family Assessment Device (FAD) and were then analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics, including Spearman’s Correlation Test. Results: According to the results obtained, the mean score of general family functioning was 2.49 and the mean score of aggression was 89.87. The results also showed a significant relationship between family functioning and the total aggression score (P=0.0001). Discussion and conclusion: Family functioning has a significant relationship with the incidence of aggression in adolescents and predicts aggressive behaviors in this age group.

Sahar Dabaghi, Farzaneh Sheikhuleslami*, Minoo Mitra-Chehrzad and Ehsan Kazemnejad

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