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The Roles of Infltrution Trench and Area Enclosure on Grazing Land Biomass Productivity and Soil Properties at Diga, Eastern Wollega Zone, Ethiopia


Land degradation is a pervasive problem that negatively affects agricultural productivity and livelihoods of farmers in the Blue Nile basin of Ethiopia. It resulted depletion of soil organic matter and available water. Therefore, implementation of soil and water conservation is believed to mitigate the impacts of soil erosion and enhance agricultural production. An on-farm study was conducted during 2016 in Arjo Gudetu kebele, Diga District, Eastern Wollega of Oromia Regional State with the objective of evaluating the role of infltration trench on the soil physico-chemical properties grazing lands and biomass of Rhodess grass. The study involves two factors. Infiltration trenches were considered as main plot factor while grass management, reseeding of Chloris gayana and keeping the native pasture was considered as the subplot factor. The treatments were replicated (T1 and T2 replicated 4 times and T3 and T4 replicated 5 times) randomized complete block design in a split plot arrangement. The data was analyzed using general linear model procedures and to separate difference between mean LSD (5%) was used. Infiltration trench increased the mean value of soil moisture content at( 0-30 cm, 30-60 cm ) soil depth while mean value of tiller per plant and plant height increased by 3.4% and 4.6% respectively. The use of Infiltration trench not significantly affects biomass of Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana). As the wall, it is concluded that soil and water conservation measures improves soil fertility, soil moisture status, and increases the fodder biomass productivity. However, further research is needed in the area to identify the time span available for Rhodes grass to regrowth on the same site.

Dessalegn Etana Kejela*

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