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The Significance of Flavonoids as a Potential Anti-Tuberculosis Compounds


Mycobacterium tuberculosis, an agent of tuberculosis (TB), causes serious health problems such as multi drug resistance (MDR-TB), and extensive drug resistance (XDR-TB). According to WHO, 490,000 cases of MDR-TB and 40,000 cases of XDR-TB occur every year. There are several reasons to investigate a new class of antimicrobial drugs and the flavonoids represent a novel set of possibilities. Flavonoids display remarkable growth inhibitory activity against M. tuberculosis. Flavonoids and their derivatives might play a role in overcoming multidrug resistance. In this study, we attempted to review the subject under the subtitles below; a) The problems about chemicals regarding TB, MDR-TB or XDR-TB, b) Why TB drug investigation is needed, c) The current availability of antituberculosis drugs, d) Properties of flavonoids, e) Antimycobacterial effects of flavonoids, f) Recent advances in anti-tubercular natural flavonoids.

Tulin Askun

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