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The Various Therapeutic Approaches for the Treatment of Diabetes


Diabetes is of the emerging diseases in the world, Day by day the number of patients with type 2 diabetes is rapidly increasing in both developed and developing countries around the world. Many researchers have developed newer generation of drugs like sulphonylureas, thiazolidinedione’s, biguanides and α-glucosidase inhibitors with high efficacy for decreasing the hyperglycaemia. Recently new approaches are done in the drug discovery for the treatment and management of diabetes like Incretin mimetics, Stem Cell Technology, Amylin analogues, Nanotechnology approach, Statins Therapy, GIP analogues, Gene Therapy, Herbal Therapy, Nutrition Therapy, Peroxisome proliferator activated receptors, and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor. This Review focuses and discusses on the new approaches available for the treatment of high blood glucose levels.

Surabhi Kavya and Mamatha M

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