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To Study Phenological Behaviour and Quantitative Floral Morphology of Indigenous Seedling Mango Germplasm


The present experiment was undertaken to study the floral characteristics of twenty five seedling mango germplasm, locally available at central and sub-montane zones of Punjab. After surveyed the mango growing areas of these zones it was observed that there exist a great variability among the different seedling mango germplasm in inflorescence viz. the time of panicle emergence, time of start of flowering, time of end of flowering, full bloom, duration of flowering (days), time of fruit set, panicle length, panicle breadth, hermaphrodite flower (%), male flower (%) and sex ratio (m/h).Thus, there is tremendous possibility to evolve new varieties with desirable traits using of such genotypes for further propagation as well as for breeding purposes.

Gurbir Singh*

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