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Validation of an Instrument for Nursing Care for Critically Ill Patients with Trauma


Objective: To describe the validation process of an instrument for nursing care to the patient.

Method: Methodological research, of a descriptive nature. The instrument was validated by 11 content judges, and the data were judged according to the document validation index, considering 0.80 for item validation and for a concordance comparison the binomial test was performed considering p<0.05 The judges validated the instrument as the objectives, structure, content and relevance.

Results: The instrument was composed of eighteen categories in 74 questions. With regard to validation, the judges were given the overall Content Validity Index of 0.97 per excellence level of agreement between the judges.

Conclusion: The instrument has been validated and can be offered for service, allowing the assistance based on evidence.

Francisco Mayron Morais Soares*, Regilane Araújo da Silveira, Kirley Kethellen Batista Mesquita, Rebeca Chaves Cruz, Raymari Dias Almeida, Camila Alves de Sousa Queiroz, Gustavo Mitsuo Cavalcante de Sousa, Gabriel Italo da Silva Rodrigues, Luzia Sibele Isídio de Freitas, Monaliza Ribeiro Mariano, Paula Marciana Pinheiro de Oliveira, Italo Rigoberto Cavalcante Andrade, Wilcilene Oliveira dos Santos, Julyana Gomes Freitas

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