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Water use Efficiency under Variable Irrigation Methods for Maize Crop using CROPWAT Model


Water is the most significant requirement for crop cultivation. The need for water use management is growing owing to the limited availability of water resources and the dry and semi-arid climate of the region, the need for water use management is vital for the whole economy including the agricultural sector as this sector requires the largest water proportion. The current study was aimed at calculating the CWR (Crop Water Requirement), IWR (Irrigation Water Requirement) and developing irrigation scheduling using the Cropwat model to quantify the yield reduction for the maize crop during water shortage time. The gross irrigation requirement was calculated based on the different irrigation efficiencies with time in the study area. The study area was located at the Irrigation Research Station (IRS), Shuats, Allahabad, India. The maize crop was grown during the Kharif season (mid-June to October) and different treatments were applied based on the rainfall at different stages of crop growth. The fertilizers and chemicals were not used throughout the work but for specific periods only. Both the furrow and border irrigation were applied to different plots. The results from the study can be used for assisting the farmers and planners in making decisions about adjustments to their cropping systems as per the demand. Awareness about CWR, IWR, and the irrigation scheduling can help the farmers in making the appropriate decisions during the periods of water scarcity, thus preventing yield reduction or crop failures

Ajaz Ahmad, Mukesh Kumar, Neeraj Kumar, Deepak Lal

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