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WNT Signaling-Cell Cycle: Regulator of Cancer


Cell differentiation, tissue morphogenesis, and tissue homeostasis requires growth factor. Irregulation of intracellular signal transduction can cause formative disturbances amid embryogenesis or specific ailments in the grown-up. One group of developed components vital for these viewpoints is given by the Wnt proteins. Specifically, Wnts have significant roles in stem cell biology, cardiac advancement and differentiation, angiogenesis, cardiovascular hypertrophy, cardiac failure, and maturing. Here, in this article the main aim is to present a cutting edge outlining of the present learning of the role of intracellular Wnt-mediated signaling system in cancer augmentation and prevention. The study shows that the subdivision into canonical and non-canonical Wnt signaling pathways solely based on the identity of Wnt ligands or Frizzled receptors is not fitting any longer. Moreover, it gives a platform to study the occurrence and prevention of cancer at the cellular and genomic level within the cell cycle.

Satarupa Gogoi

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