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Work-Related Stress and Well-Being and Effects of an Intervention among Elementary School Teachers


Aim: The aim of this study was to investigate factors associated with work-related stress and well-being and to determine the effects of an intervention among elementary school teachers. Methods: Cross-sectional, sequential and three-step mixed research. A total of 105 teachers selected from four schools participated in the first step and answered a questionnaire about socio-contextual and work-related health variables, the Lipp Stress Symptom Inventory, and the Work Well‐Being Scale. Subsequently, 23 teachers from an intentionally selected school participated in an intervention and focus group discussion. The analyzes were performed using SPSS and MAXQDA programs. Results: There was a predominance of females, full-time workers (53%), 58.3% had at least one occupational disease, and 72.4% had been absent from work at least once. The overall level of stress was 48.1% (moderate), 30.8% had a high level of stress, 45% were in the exhaustion level, and 32% were in the resistance level. Most subjects positively evaluated their work. Conclusion: The school environment proved to be a factor for the development of occupational diseases, due to lack of emotional healthcare for professionals who work on it. The intervention served as a coping strategy that helped teachers alleviate school-related stress and a healthcare tool.

Maria Goreti da Silva Cruz1, Patricia Tobo2, Carla Barrichello2, Ana Lucia de Moraes Horta1*

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