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The Lost Love: ONE HEALTH in the era of Antimicrobial Resistance.
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Antibiotic Resistance, Microbial and Morphological Changes of Marketed Bovine Liver at Different Time Interval from Chittagong, Bangladesh: A Public Health Concern
Rana EA, Ahaduzzaman MD, Saiful Bari MD
Review Article:  Veterinary Sciences
A Retrospective Review of 130 Years of Equine Disease in Sudan
R. Trevor Wilson
Opinion Article:  Veterinary Science
The One Health Initiative from a Laboratory Animal Medicine Perspective
Lauren E Wimsey and Jennifer G Job
Research Article:  Veterinary Sciences
Ethno-veterinary Formulation for Treatment of Bovine Mastitis
Balakrishnan Nair, Punniamurthy N, Mekala P, Ramakrishnan N and Kumar SK