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2018: Volume 7, Issue 2
Short Commentary:  IJIRSET
Information Caching and Prefetching Using Collaborative Caching and Prefetching Algorithm in Wireless ADHOC Networks
Phani Kumar N*, Sujithra T and Praveen Kumar Y
Short Article:  IJIRSET
Basic Principles of Quantum Particles and Higgs Boson
Manish Rohan James
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Entanglement Increase in Higher Dimensions
Mohammad Alimoradi Chamgordani* and Henk Koppelaar
Short Communication:  IJIRSET
Application of Hydropower Technology in Wastewater Treatment Plants Step Towards Sustainable Environment
Digisha Patel* and Hemali Jardosh
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement from Pin Fins with Delta Winglet Vortex Generators in Square Channel
Swapnil Gajanan Chitnis* and Sandeep S Kore