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2017: Volume 6, Issue 10
Research Article:  IJIRSET
Optimal Usage of Dissipated/Wasted Thermoelectric Energy (Including Human Heat) On a Small Scale through Harvesting
Maarg Vaidya
Research Article:  IJIRSET
Analytic Representations in Terms of d2 Coherent States using Theta Functions
P Evangelides
Research Article:  IJIRSET
Sub-Atomic Fatigue Failure
Arunachalam Balasubramanian
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Time Delay and Range Estimation of Received Signals in Deep Space PN Ranging
Athira Thulaseedharan and Indhu Gopan*
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Centralized Border Security
Ghanshaym Chaurasia*, Sweeti Sah, Aman Verma and Jitendra Kurmi
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Congestion Control Techniques in Transport Layer for Wired Connections
Sweeti Sah, Aman Verma, Ghanshaym Chaurasia, Jitendra Kurmi*
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Household Solid Waste Management Practice Associated Factors and Service Delivery Performance of Private Solid Waste Collectors in Dire Dawa City, Eastern Ethiopia
Daniel Shiferaw Alemayehu*, Maeregu Seboka Regasa, Bezatu Mengestie, Tadesse Alemayehu
Research Article:  IJIRSET
Bioefficacy of Leaf Extract of Tagetes erecta Against Linear Growth of Taphrina maculans
MK Gurme*, SD Dhavle