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2018: Volume 7, Issue 4
Research Article:  IJIRSET
Entanglement Evolution of Noisy Teleportation
Mohammad Alimoradi Chamgordani*and Henk Koppelaar
Review Article:  IJIRSET
A Cloud Based Approach for Big Data Analysis: A Comprehensive Review
Lusekelo Kibona, Hassana Ganame and Kazi Md Shahiduzzaman
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Clinico-Epidemiological Profile of Herpes Progenitalis Patients Attending Sti/Rti Clinic, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Mansuri YB*, Rao MV
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Development of Storm Water Quality Model for Ugep Urban, South-South Nigeria Using the Multiple Regression Approach
REE Antigha, NM Ogarekpe, EA Obio, IE Bassey