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2017: Volume 6, Issue 7
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Interference of Light Photon with the Dark Energy
Syed Ahmed Kataria
Research Article:  IJIRSET
Voltage Control in Distribution Feeders with High Penetration of Wind Energy
JO Petinrin*, Mohamed Shaaban, MO Petinrin
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Estimation of Seismic Resistance of Buildings by the Dynamic-geophysical Method, Taking into Account the Peculiarity of the Interaction of the Seismic Wave with the "Ground-Building" System
Nigmetov GM*, Savinov AM, Nigmetov TG
Review Article:  IJIRSET
Geometry of the Dark Matter and Preliminary Analysis of Alpha and Beta Photons’ Properties Based on Theory of Space
Marek Juliusz Sobolewski*, Michał Amadeusz Sobolewski*, Dariusz Stanisław Sobolewski