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2017: Volume 6 Issue 2
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Evaluation of Phantom Equivalent Materials in Polychromatic Diagnostic X-Ray Beam
Radhakrishnan BN, Ramakrishnan G, Chandralingam S and Kurup PGG
Review Article:  RRJMHS
Nodolase: A Review of Efficacy
Massimo Sarracino
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Rate of Active Hepatitis B Virus Infection and Correlation of Hbeag and HBV DNA in Hbsag Positive Patients in Three Districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Sajid Ali, Jehanzeb Afridi, Nourin Mahmood, Bashir Ahmad, Naveed Iqbal and Ijaz Ali
Mini Review:  RRJMHS
Activation of Reparative Osteogenesis by Means of Ultrasonic Action in Treatment of Open Fractures
Leonid Reznik, Konstantin Rozhkov and Alexey Novikov
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Chronic Pulmonary and Chronic Cardiac Rehabilitation: Staff Perspectives and Patient Experiences
Flora-Joan van Rotterdam, Michael Hensley and Michael Hazelton
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Hypertension Diagnosis and Physician Consult to Reduce Salt Intake
Reuben William Horace II
Case Report:  RRJMHS
Transverse Myelitis Due to Varicella-Zoster Virus: A Case Report
Cebollada J and Verdejo G
Review Article:  RRJMHS
Theoretical Engineering of the Gut Micro biome for the Purpose of Creating Superior Soldiers
Garrett R Schmidt-McCormack, Kristina M Feye, Sreemoyee Acharya, Gregory SA Mlynarczyk, Stephen J Anderson, Patricia Izbicki, Emir Malovic, Luna KC, Joe S Smith, Matthew A Jefferson, Aron Nakama, Kasandra Diaz Santana, Naveen C Kondru, Michael D Kleinhenz, James G Tipton, Shivani Choudhary, Robyn D Kokemuller, Sireesha Manne, Marson R Putra, Nyzil Massey, Denusha Shrestha, Diou Luo, Shaunik Sharma, Pongrat Jaisil, Carrie A Berg and Steve A Carlson
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Effects of Acupuncture on Chinese Adult Patients with Psoriatic Arthritis: A Prospective Cohort Study
Peiyi Chen, Tiantian Xin and Yingchun Zeng