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2021: Volume 10, Issue 10
Research Article:  JMAHS
Juxtaposition study of BT and CT in distinct blood group between Injured He and She
Ravi Kumar V* Vineeta Prakash, Yashwant Giri, Randheer Gupta and Deepak Kumar
Short Communication:  JMAHS
Role of Salivary Glands and Causes of Infected Salivary Gland
Kenji Mishima*
Short Communication:  JMAHS
Cause of Irregular Heartbeat And How it is Effect in Human Body
Shira Yellinb
Short Communication:  JMAHS
Secretion of lacrimal Gland Causes lacrimal Gland Inflammation
Chuanqing Ding
Mini Review:  JMAHS
Effect of Cystic Fibrosis in Human Body and Causes
Manvita Boyina