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2016: Volume 5 issue 5
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Clinical Presentations of Congenital Hypothyroidism and Associated Abnormalities in Children Treated at Western Saudi Arabia
Abdulmoein E Al-Agha, Dareen S Alghalbi, Shahad J Ashgar and Arwa A Badakhan
Review Article:  RRJMHS
Weight and Body Mass Index in Relation to Vitamin D Status in Healthy 4–13 Years Old Children in Saudi Arabia
Abdulmoein E Al-Agha, Sarah M Shaikhoon, Mada A Sultan and Heba S Alsheikh
Review Article:  RRJMHS
Adenomatoid Odontogenic Tumour - A Brief Review
Tanu Virendra Tiwari and Abhishek Banerjee
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Data Mapping of Vector Borne Disease with GIS & GPS Technology: Tribal Areas Khammam District, Telangana State
Gujju Gandhi, J Chapla, JN Rao and Kante Krishna Prasad
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Trend in Age at Menarche in Relation to Body Mass Index among Children and Adolescent Girls in Saudi Arabia
Abdulmoein E Al-Agha, Balgees Ajlan, Bara’ah O Tatwany
Research Article:  RRJMHS
Predicting the Potential Impact of Selective Retina Therapy: An Assessment of Current Evidence
Jooyeon Park, Jin-A Mo, Eunjung Park, Youngjoo Cha, Sungkyu Lee, Chaemin Shin