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Roberto Berebichez Fridman

Roberto Berebichez Fridman

Roberto Berebichez Fridman

Medical Doctor
Av. Universidad Anáhuac 46,
Lomas Anáhuac,
52786 Naucalpan de Juárez,
Méx., Mexico.




Dr. Roberto Berebichez is a Medical Doctor who graduated from the Anáhuac University in México City. He is also currently working as a Junior Researcher at the Tissue Engineering, Cell Therapy and Regenerative Medicine Unit at the National Institute of Rehabilitation in Mexico City, working on new techniques of obtaining, isolating and differentiating mesenchymal stem cells into different lineages, studying the interaction between scaffolds and the cells and studying the molecular processes of differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes. Dr. Berebichez is especially interested in the application of those cells in the treatment of Orthopaedic injuries and diseases, such as cartilage, meniscus, bone, tendons, ligaments and nerves.


Research Interest

Tissue engineering, cell therapy and regenerative medicine and biotechnology