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A Study of H -Function of Two Variables

Yashwant Singh1 Harmendra Kumar Mandia2
  1. Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Government College, Kaladera, Jaipur, Rajasthan , India
  2. Lecturer, Department of Mathematics, Seth Moti Lal (P.G.) College, Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, India
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In the present paper, the author has introduced a new special function namely H -function of two variables in the literature of special functions. The definition, convergence, asymptotic behaviors have been considered. Next, we obtain some properties of H -function of two variables. Later on, the author establish a series representation for the H -function of two variables. Some interesting special cases of H -function of two variables by comparing the series representation of H -function of two variables and H -function of one variable is also established. In the last, the author has given two special cases of -function of two variables which are not the special cases of H -function of two variables. Key words: H -function, H -function of two variables, H -function, Series representation. (2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 33C70)


H -function, H -function of two variables, H -function, Series representation. (2000 Mathematics Subject Classification: 33C70)




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