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Agitator and Wiper Design Modification for Milk Khoa Machine

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Mixing is a very important unit operation in any dairy and food process industry. For instance, all operations involving blending homogenization, emulsion preparation, extraction, dissolution, crystallization, liquid phase reactions, etc., need mixing in one form or the other. This project is about a dynamic mixer of a food processing industry particularly about Milk khoa making process. To attain uniform mixing with the optimal product preparation time for the desired quality and to remove the drudgery of human folk this newly developed automated agitator is suggested. The existing agitator is not suitable to for a comfortable working condition to the workforce thus creating problems in the output of the different parameters of the organization efficiency like quality, quantity, delivery schedule and work force satisfaction. This project suggests a new design for the agitators. By careful study of three different models in all aspects one will be taken for the final fabrication. To finalize the best design, simulation will be used to conduct required experiment. Required inputs has been taken from different literature surveys and the discussion with the experts who are on the field and real time study has been conducted to get the exact requirement of the customer.