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Chemoprevention in Prostate Cancer

Sahitya K*

M.Tech in Food Processing Technology, Gitam University, Vizag, India

Corresponding Author:
Sahitya K
M.Tech in Food Processing Technology
Gitam University, Vizag
Tel: 7702509698

Received: 25/01/2015; Revised: 19/02/2015; Accepted: 27/02/2015

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Cancer is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Therefore, several diverse approaches are required for the treatment and management of cancer which include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical removal of malignant tissues. The multifactorial approaches to our fight against this dreaded disease is based on prevention of the disease through use of non-toxic dietary supplements, micronutrients and natural compounds. This approach is generally referred to as “chemoprevention”. Thus the major goal of chemoprevention is to delay the onset of cancer as well as decrease its incidence. It has been advocated that vegetarian diet may be an important source of cancer-inhibiting bioactive phytochemicals. It has been suggested that constituents of their diet such as garlic, ginger, soy, turmeric, onion, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables and green tea play a significant role in cancer prevention. According to the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research, diets high in calcium (diets with whole milk, cheese, butter, cheese) are a probable cause of this malignancy, whereas lycopene, and selenium are probably protective factors.


Chemoprevention, prostate cancer, Dutasteride, Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial (PCPT), alpha-reductase, cruciferous vegetables


Cancer is one of the real reasons for dismalness and mortality all through the world. Consequently, a few different methodologies are needed for the treatment and administration of disease which incorporate radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical evacuation of malignant tissues. The multifactorial ways to deal with our battle against this feared malady is in view of counteractive action of the illness through utilization of non-harmful dietary supplements, micronutrients and common mixes. This methodology is for the most part alluded to as "chemoprevention" [1-6]. Therefore the real objective of chemoprevention is to postpone the onset of tumor and additionally decline its rate. It has been pushed that veggie lover eating routine may be a critical wellspring of growth repressing bioactive phytochemicals. It has been recommended that constituents of their eating routine, for example, garlic, ginger, soy, turmeric, onion, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables and green tea assume a noteworthy part in tumor avoidance. As indicated by the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research, counts calories high in calcium (diets with entire milk, cheddar, spread, cheddar) are a reasonable justification of this harm, though lycopene, and selenium are presumably defensive elements [7,8,5].

Prevalence and Importance of prostate cancer

Numerous types of cancer include this appalling measurement, prostate cancer being a top patron. As per the latest assessment from the American Cancer Society discharged in 2010, pretty nearly 217,730 new instances of prostate cancer will be diagnosed and 32,050 men will bite the dust of prostate cancer in the following year. The commonness of prostate cancer has revealed insight into the significance of all parts of the sickness [6].

Rationale for Prostate Cancer Chemoprevention

Chemoprevention is a mediation that uses a substance or converse the carcinogenesis process. It is critical to note that the phenotype or physical indication of disease is impacted by both genotype and natural elements including eating routine, activity, smoking, and so forth [9-15]. There are three methodological classes for chemoprevention approaches, which include: essential, auxiliary and tertiary chemoprevention. Essential chemoprevention endeavors to reduce the vicinity of growth, while optional chemoprevention expects to diminish the danger of movement of disease that has effectively created [1]. Tertiary chemoprevention routines intend to keep the advancement of new disease when a past example of malignancy has as of now been diagnosed and cured. Chemoprevention gives a distinct option for the forceful types of treatment that are every now and again actualized rendering the determination of prostate growth. Chemoprevention empowers a reduction in the over analysis and over treatment of prostate diseases [7,9].

Contents of Subsequent Review

The main studies that have yielded a critical diminishment in prostate malignancy are the studies on 5 alphareductase inhibitors (5-ARI's). The two most noteworthy studies on 5-ARI's include: the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial [PCPT] and Reduction by Dutasteride of Prostate Cancer Events [REDUCE] trial. Other dietary studies, for example, pomegranate supplementation, have been embraced and may give further understanding to the aversion of prostate growth. The current status of the main studies that have yielded a huge decrease in prostate tumor are the studies on 5 alphareductase inhibitors (5-ARI's) [15-20,3]. The two most critical studies on 5-ARI's include: the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial [PCPT] and Reduction by Dutasteride of Prostate Cancer Events [REDUCE] trial. Other dietary studies, for example, pomegranate supplementation, have been attempted and may give further understanding to the avoidance of prostate malignancy. The current status of chemoprevention specialists will be displayed through the exchange of the latest clinical information, including both favorable circumstances and burdens of their utilization. Operators will be exhibited through the examination of the latest clinical information, including both favorable circumstances and burdens of their utilization [21-25].

Materials and Methods

We explored both existing and finished chemoprevention trials that met perfect outline criteria. We sought MEDLINE to distinguish extensive scale randomized trials. Information for proceeding with studies was gotten to through conventions and creator access to Clinical Work Station. Furthermore, an exhaustive assessment of overhauled, pertinent therapeutic diary writing on prostate cancer was reviewed. Continued the studies and presumed that pomegranate as dietary methodology [26-31].

Types of studies reviewed

The planned study distinguishes a companion of subjects and watches them going ahead in time. Second, a review study 'looks backwards.' A review study means to recognize a relationship between a certain condition and its corresponding danger components or exposures [32,33,30].


The prostate cancer prevention trial (pcpt)

PCPT was the first large-scale, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded, and population-based trial to test a chemopreventative agent on the development of prostate cancer. PCPT tested the hypothesis that finasteride lowers DHT levels by inhibiting type II 5-alpha inhibitor, and thus prevents prostate cancer [34-39].the studies were given with finasteride lowers PSA levels, the finasteride groups’ PSA measurements needed to be adjusted in order to equilibrate with the placebo groups’ PSA measurements. The trial was ended 15 months early because it had achieved its primary objective which was to show that finasteride reduced the risk of prostate cancer [40-46].


Status Of Chemoprevention Today And In The Future

At present, just the studies on 5 alphareductase inhibitors (REDUCE and PCPT) have uncovered an extensive decrease in the event of prostate growth. Nonetheless,as beforehand talked about the diminishing in second rate prostate growth parallels an increment in high review prostate disease. In the wake of measuring the points of interest with burdens of 5-ARI's, the authority rules suggest against the utilization of 5-ARI's as chemopreventative specialists [41-43].

The future heading and viability of the counteractive action of prostate tumor is impingent upon new operators, methods, and above all perfect configuration and acceptance of trials. Starting now, men who are at high-hazard for prostate growth ought to be educated and instructed about all chemoprevention choices, and measure the preferences versus the weaknesses on an individual premise with the counsel of their doctor [44].

This audit expects to give a more intensive comprehension of prostate disease chemoprevention operators for both the health awareness group and its patients. At last, the adequacy in quest for chemoprevention specialists for prostate malignancy can possibly assuage enduring and mortality, and to advantage the general population on physical, passionate, social, and financial levels [45-49].