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Commentary on the Reuse of Black Liquor for the Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Ethanol Fermentation of Alkali-treated Sugarcane Bagasse

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To relieve the water consumption and wastewater generation would accelerate the industrialization of the cellulosic ethanol production based on the alkaline pre-treatment. A feasible way to reuse pre-treatment liquid (black liquor) for enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation was commented. After the black liquor was acidified to pH 4.8 and centrifuged, the supernatant could not be used for ethanol fermentation but cellulolytic hydrolysis, while it’s diluent was suitable for both ethanol fermentation and cellulolytic hydrolysis. Combined these findings with the current technological development on recycling black liquor and waste washing water, an improving technical flow of cellulosic ethanol production based on alkaline pre-treatment was prospected.