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Research & Reviews: Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology : Citations & Metrics Report

image Daniels b, et al. effect of co-trimoxazole prophylaxis on morbidity and mortality of hiv-exposed, hiv-uninfected infants in south africa: a randomised controlled, non-inferiority trial. lancet glob health. 2019; 7: e1717-27.
image Adams ca, et al. mother’s milk and infant formula have different effects on the microbiome in babies. innov food tec. 2018: 48-50
image Gasbarrini a, et al. l’azione del microbiota nel trapianto fecale. insimposio: trapianto fecale: come. 2019; 63: 1
image zhao c, et al. intracellular amino and nonamino organic acids profiling of trichosporon cutaneum on rich and limited nitrogen conditions for lipid production. biomass bioenergy. 2018; 118: 84-92.
image wang l, et al. secretory overproduction of a raw starch-degrading glucoamylase in penicillium oxalicum using strong promoter and signal peptide. appl microbiol biotech. 2018 102: 9291-301.
image zhang my, et al. identification of an essential regulator controlling the production of raw-starch-digesting glucoamylase in penicillium oxalicum. biotech biofu. 2019 12: 7.
image ghani m, et al. purification and characterization of a thermostable starch‐saccharifying alpha‐1, 4‐glucan‐glucohydrolase produced by bacillus licheniformis. starch‐stärke. 2019; 1800352.
image shah sm, et al. effects of macro/micronutrients on green and brown microalgal cell growth and fatty acids in photobioreactor and open-tank systems. biocat agr biotech. 2018; 14: 10-17.
image hussein ha, et al. cytotoxic effects of tetraselmis suecica chloroform extracts with silver nanoparticle co-application on mcf-7, 4 t1, and vero cell lines. j appl phycol. 2019; 1-7.
image domínguez pp. producción de biomoléculas a partir de la microalga heterosigma akashiwo.
image López expósito pr. aplicación de métodos computacionales a la monitorización y el cosechado de cultivos de microalgas (doctoral dissertation, universidad complutense de madrid).
image Kumar v, et al. the effects of ultraviolet radiation on growth, biomass, lipid accumulation and biodiesel properties of microalgae. energy sources, part a: recovery, utilization, and environmental effects. 2018; 40: 787-93.
image lai jw, et al. photosynthetic response and dna mutation of tropical, temperate and polar chlorella under short-term uvr stress. polar sci. 2019; 20: 35-44.
image gao k, et al. effects of ocean acidification on marine photosynthetic organisms under the concurrent influences of warming, uv radiation and deoxygenation. front marine sci. 2019; 6: 322.
image nassour r, et al. the role of polyethylene films in reducing the harmful effects of uv radiation on the productivity of euglena gracilis. int j agr env sci.
image huwaidi ah. identification of mycosporinelike amino acids and 3-dehydroquinate synthase gene expression in uv radiation-induced deinococcus radiodurans r1. universiti putra malaysia. 2018.
image عياش, عبد الكريم, نصور, رنا. تأثير الأشعة فوق البنفسجية في أصبغة التركيب الضوئي عند طحلب الأوغلينا euglena gracilis. tishreen university journal-basic sciences series. 2018: 28: 40
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