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Crash Diet Makes People Obese

Sravani Dadi*

Department of Pharmacy, Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India

*Corresponding Author:
Sravani Dadi
Department of Pharmacy
Andhra University
Andhra Pradesh, India
Tel: 8125735069

Received: 05/05/2015 Accepted: 02/06/2015

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Crash diet, Obesity, antioxidants, Overweight

Crash Diet Makes People Obese

Shedding pounds is a complex process as it requests high commitment, control on dietary patterns and determination to attain to weight reduction objective. However, even if every one of them falls at a spot; results fluctuate from individual to individual as the purpose behind a strict eating regimen shifts from person to person [1-3]. The outcomes thoroughly depends on the dieting individual; as observed in many cases the reason may be due to companion weight to keep up relationship or a social ascription that young ladies must be thin with a perfect figure or that he/she may be impact with the present pattern or the media celebrities where they depict dreams among them [4,5].

Physical elegance and beauty are the most cherished characteristics in human lives where people often say that the most elegant individuals get more respect and opportunities all along the vicinity of the globe. As a reason where every individual wanted to look smart and healthy and the obese people take lots of measures to achieve their ideal body weight; either by approaching slimming centers or by following Crash Diets [1-5].

According to World Health Organization (WHO) (2011), a body mass index greater than or equal to 25 is overweight and a body mass index greater than or equal to 30 is obesity. It is assessed that more than 1.4 billion adults, 20 and older, were overweight. Of these overweight adults, over 200 million men and nearly 300 million women were obese which indicates more than 10% of the world’s adult population was corpulent.

Reason why people choose crash diet??

Before we learn why people choose crash diet, it is essential to know why people are in a run to choose diet programs. The best reason we have come across is Overweight and sedentary lifestyle. High stress at workplaces along with high job demands implies increased risk of cardiovascular diseases and increased cortisol levels where they can also be one of the reasons for becoming overweight [6,7]. Crash diet is something which promises rapid weight loss, when he/she cuts down the calorie intake to more than half which is not healthy and in turn leading to many health based risk factors [6-8]. Many individuals are in a hurry get their ideal figure instantly and wish for a drastic change in the body appearance; so they fall behind the these crash diets without knowing the fact behind it.

In converse to the general perception, weight loss achieved in the early days of crash dieting is not because of fat loss but due to the loss of carbohydrates; which makes you feel exhausted. Crash dieting also makes the body loose water in a higher amount thus making the body to look slimmer and feel lighter [9-12]. But the actual amount of fat in the body remains the same

Disadvantages of Crash Diet

One of the most common mistakes by the people wanting to lose weight is following a crash diet. Though, this helps them to reach their weight loss goals; the results are temporary thus resulting in gaining the lost weight [13-16]. They suddenly cut down the calorie intake and as a result the body is starved of vital vitamins and nutrients and end up getting bloated or fatigued. The diet bashes down the calories from the diet leading to extreme starvation.

This diet actually tricks the brain into thinking that the body needs higher calorie foods that increases the risk of weight gain [17]. The logic goes that missing the right food or the right amount of food during the crash diet will leave the person hungry and tempting to snack on high calorie food and resulting in regaining the lost pounds [18-22].

Balancing is one of the most important aspects of life. It is something like having each and every food we like to eat but within the rational limits. A review computed that foods like chocolates, chips, cheese and bread are few foods that people cannot resist to eat; where 25% of the people on diet start indulging on their favorites within one month after they follow the crash diet [1,23]. The right key is maintaining the right balance. For example, if you visit a restaurant and you want to get indulged in your favorite dessert which is full of cream and nuts; you can make a compromise and order the main course having a good protein source and any non-fatty items [24,25].

Thus, a good and healthy diet requires patience, self-reliance holding prudent goals and expectations which aids in bringing the change. Maintaining a healthy and a balanced lifestyle prevents overweight and obesity.