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Molavi and Maslow viewpoints on the Concept of Perfectionism and Self-actualization

Parvaneh Adelzadeh1, Mohammad Pashayi2, Rasoul Kazemzade3, Masoud Dehghani 4, Fattaneh Semsar Khiabanian5, Kamran Pashayi Fakhri6
  1. Department of Persian literature, College of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
  2. PH.D Student of Persian Literature, Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University
  3. PH.D student of Persian Literature, Tabriz University
  4. PH.D Student of Persian Literature of Azarbaijan Shahid Madani University
  5. Department of Persian Literature, College of Persian literature and Foreign Languages, Tabriz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran
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Human being has been created to reach perfection. The aim of this paper is to express Molavi viewpoint on perfection and the factors leading to perfection and characteristics of the perfect man. His viewpoint is adapted with psychology of self actualization as Maslow. Survey on Masnavi represents that it is a valuable reservoir for training man perfection. The doctrines that give valuable effect to human are originated from divinity that influence the human heart and soul and help him to enter to the universe of meaning where he finds himself the successor of God’s and finally achieves peace and eternal prosperity in the closeness of God. His ultimate goal is to identify human’s exalted dignity and value and does not waste his time to worldly affairs. Abraham Maslow’s theory, the American prominent psychologist, makes motivation the core of personality theory .In his idea, each person has some inherent requirements that activate and guide his behaviors. These needs are instinctive and we come to the world with them, but our behaviors are not innate and they are learned.


Perfection, Self- Actualization, Molavi, Masnavi, Psychology.


Allah is deserved infinite pray and praise entrusting the perfection course in human essence and greetings go to the leader of mature men, Prophet Muhammad. Many thanks of Almighty God who was granted the success of research on perfectionism and picking of cluster from truth and perfection of wayfarer’s garden. Human in Islamic view has a lot of value and sanctity and possessing dignity, because he is like a mirror that shows rights and true and Most High (God) sits inside of him to watch and grants him his Studying Concept of Perfectionism and Self- actualization from the Perspective Molavi and Maslow position of caliphate and succession and scared his soul to him and has trained him the whole (Asma) [1].
In advance, whatever knowledge everlastingly
Was learnt on his supernal knowledge The prince got ecstatic from his teaching
And found another heaven of his blessing (book1: line 2650-2649), and has made him prostration of angels. Finding lights of truth in him The prince prostrated ‘n’ served him (book1: line1247)
Human who is the goal and purpose of creation and all creatures have been created because of him and angels have been prostrated in front of him, in creation system he has a very noble goal: his prosperity and perfection. The soul of heart’s god is more valuable than the prince’s You place astonishment Man is kowtowed Since his soul is more valuable than their existence Though, to ask good to prostrate bad
Never seems acceptable (book2: line 3331-3329)


So it is necessary and duty to human to be perfect man and recognizes ways of perfection in order to travel through this path and uses deep attitudes of scholars such as Maslow and Molavi. “Because, after many centuries, Molavi still stays in the highest peak of Islamic mysticism and still his works influence hearts of people and their flame burning in the hearts of human beings and creates flux” [3]. This lost- heart in the way of love and wisdom, was being weepy with each population and has spoken about both peoples who are in bad moods and peoples who are in good moods and from this course in the world and human existence, flowers picked wisdom and presented to human culture, so his works was rooted as bearer tree in the garden of Islamic culture and he believed that this eternal religion was necessary and sufficient for perfection and being human. Because of the importance of perfectionism discussion, this issue also has been discussed in science of psychology and the last step of series of needs in this science, is self- actualization. Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) is one the psychologist that believes to this concept. This school pays more attention to people’s moral virtues, free will, prosperity and potential abilities. But from the perspective of Molana, self- actualized people contain features that pointed to them in this article and they also come in Maslow’s attitudes:
They have removed themselves from materials and physical things order to see rights and truths well and to achieve divine closeness.
Pure people have got rid of material concerns
Think of nicety every moment
Knowledge role ‘n’ form were left
Absolute knowledge’s flag was raised
Thought was gone ‘n’ insight came
Certain knowledge was found (book1: line 3494-3492)
Oh, if you tend to find absolute meaning, you should purify yourself from earthly characteristics in order that you put on supernal ones.
If you want to get rid of fame Purify yourself from decisiveness Be sincere like iron being ferrous Be like a crystal clear mirror while mortifying Act as a sieve for your characteristics To see your pure essence Then you will conceive prophet’s knowledge With the help of neither book nor tutor (book1: line 3461-3458) Moral purity Perfected people who have removed their breasts from greed and avarice and hatred Purifying the Vice Moral However, those hearts have been glazed Entirely off greed, avarice, envy & hatred (book1: line: 3484) Because greed has prevented the journey of perfection Stammering goes to greedy person Being so never leads you into insight For him, material is nothing Like a single word in entire knowledge (book2: line 580-579) Wolf ‘n’ sheep’s greed is like a rouge wind The circle’s line controls human’s greed (book1: line859) Find Insight eye Self- actualized people reach a level where can see what normal people unable to see. He said: when people see the sky I see the empyrean ‘n’ the angels Eight heavens ‘n’ seven hells are apparent for me Like an idol apparent for Shaman I’ll recognize people one by one
Like distinguishing wheat ‘n’ grain in the mill (book1: line 3509-3507)
All the creatures have amazed of his greatness because God has given him superiority over other creatures.
Human is my secret and I am his secret. (Ejlali, 1992)
Truth, the one your soul has seen
The one making me your pilgrim
Although Kaaba represents His apparent house
My creation does His mysterious on (book2: line 2245-2244)
God promoted human to the position that has placed in his heart.
A person, who sees me, certainly has seen right and truth.
One who can see me has surely seen the truth [1;2].
The empyrean with its extended Light was shocked by seeing human mysteries.
The empyrean with its extended light
Was shocked as it saw human mystery
Its grandiosity is too much
So what is form as content comes? (book1: line 2658-2657)
So the nature of God was manifested to human’s spirit and human’s soul was placed it in his institution as oyster. As he built Kaaba, he never got in Except that alive one, no man went in Seeing me equals seeing Allah ‘n’ going around the true Kaaba (book 2: 2247-2246)
Annihilation in Allah
He has been drowned in the existence of Allah and lost in Him. Studying the Concept of Perfectionism and Self - actualization from the Perspective of Molavi and Maslow My duty is to pray ‘n’ praise Him So that you do not think of truth being apart from me Open your insight ‘n’ look at me To see the truth in me (book2: line2249-2248)
Creating Science and Knowledge
Human’s soul which was conceived with right can provide science. When body bears Allah’s essence The works gives birth to another world The world delivers another world And represents a resurrection Till resurrection, if I say I can describe I am unable to do so (book1: line 1188-1186), Explore facts and discovery and witnesses The bodies of God’s men are in soil and their spirits think to ascension each moment and try to discover true. In every moment of his life, he experiences Ascension And controls the world His boy lays on the soil ‘n’ his soul in Divinity Universe A point out of the wayfarer understands Divinity Universe where you have no knowledge of Every moment brings an imagination to him Divinity Universe ‘n’ the world seems to him A paradise having four rivers (book1: line 1583-1580) According to perspective of Abraham Maslow, characteristics of self- actualized people are as follows:
1. Aware of Experiences
Perfect people’s receptive of positive and negative feelings, indicate that are aware of all experiences. They don’t deny any experiences and pass all experiences from their own filter. They are receptive of positive feelings such as: courage and kindness and negative feelings such as: fear of retribution, so their feelings are also more emotional.
2. Newly Understanding about All Experiences
All experiences are new for perfect people. Individual understands each moments of his life new and different and instead of watching experiences; he completely participates in it [4].
3. Confidence to their Behaviors and Feelings
Complete peoples trust their own reactions instead of directing by others opinions, social rules or intellectual judgments. He meant that all information can be understood and carefully evaluated and finally, final decision about person’s behavior, in specific situation, comes from considering of all experimental information, but they don’t aware of these considerations, because their self- concept match with experience, so their decisions are more intuitive and emotional than rational.
4. Freedom of Choice without Inhibitions
Complete people are free in making decisions and this feeling makes a feeling of power because they know that their futures depends on their behaviors and through present situation, past events or other individuals do not define [5].`
5. Creativity and Spontaneity
Complete people are creative and they are living as adaptive and constructive during changing of environmental conditions. They are looking for new experiences and also they are flexible and don’t need to security and getting rid of tension and in fact, they live in a society that they are considered as members of this society and not followers of theirs.
6. Continuous Need to Growth and Efforts to Maximize their Talents
Complete people maybe confront with difficulties that this situation needs to continuous learning, grow, effort and use of all individual’s talents. Rogers didn’t describe complete people as happy, pleased, prosperous and satisfied people, although they sometimes experience such feelings, Rogers describe them with more exciting characteristics [6].


The results of studying of Molavi & Maslow’s perspectives are as follows:
1) Perfection and self- actualization is not only in Islam but also in all societies’ and sciences have special base.
2) Science and recognition are not just a means to get degree, employment and worldly livelihood but rather actual recognition is a meant that prepares human beings to achieve perfection and great creature position.
3) Despite the advances in various sciences and also many theories that are presented in Western countries, but many centuries ago, most of these sciences have been suggested more detailed and extensive in our culture and literature.
Therefore young people of the country instead of being fascinated by Western science and technology should take refuge to their own science and culture and refer to their origins.
4) By quick glance at Masnavi Manavi, indicates the fact that Molavi feels and thinks more deeper than American psychologists [4] about self- actualization needs and continuously uses this needs and its necessities in his poems 5) Masnavi -Molana is one of the most and greatest training works of Persian literature. His valuable points and advices will useful to human who wants happiness and goodness but external looking at literary books specially Masnavi- Manavi will cause the deep meanings and knowledge remain obsolete and unknown.
6) It will be evident to scholars that by deeply studying of this permanent world’s literature (Masnavi Manavi) [7] , Molana’s views are more comprehensive and excellent than this master of psychology science. Also Molana’s attitudes about human’s recognition and knowledge will overshadow humanistic theories of Maslow after centuries.
7) We can look with other perspectives to Masnavi, valuable concealed treasure of Persian Literary, in order being more prominent and tangible for international community. 8) Masnavi book has not written to specific time and particular class, also it doesn’t recognize geography and national boundaries. Despite Masnavi has written to all times and after centuries, its subjects and contents are new readers have been amazed at its deep meaning.
Studying the Concept of Perfectionism and Self- actualization from the perspective of Molavi and Maslow


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