A Comparative Study on Cryptography and Steganography | Abstract

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A Comparative Study on Cryptography and Steganography


The data like username, password, and others will be hacked by the hackers and they can abuse the same. This issue can be comprehended typically by utilizing encryption and decryption algorithms. Encryption is a procedure of changing over clear secret data into indiscernible structure (Cipher Text). Decryption is a methodology of changing over the mixed up cipher text into decipherable structure. Both sender of the data and the beneficiary of the data utilizes same key for encrypting and decrypting. Yet the encryption and decryption algorithms have not given 100% security. The reason is that the hackers effortlessly will discover the key by catching the packets and breaking down the jaunty text utilizing different software and fittings. So we need an alternate way like steganography for hiding sensitive information. Even though both cryptography and steganography has its own advantages and disadvantages, we can combine both the techniques together. This paper presents a comparative study of both cryptography and steganography.

R. Srinivasan, V. Saravanan, G. Selvananthi

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