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Case Report Open Access

A Neonate with Benign Transient Non-Organic Ileus: A Case Report


We present a 27 day old male who had an abdominal distension due to benign transient non-organic ileus (BTNIN). The physical exam in the clinic was remarkable for a distended abdomen with an AC of 43 cm, soft, non-tender and no organomegaly or masses palpated. A radiography of the abdomen showed several abnormalities. Pediatric gastroenterologist together with pediatric surgery did not recommend performing a rectal biopsy to rule out the diagnosis of HD. BTNIN has an excellent prognosis as it responds well to conservative intermittent treatment with glycerin, with resolution of symptoms by 5 months of age.

Tarik Zahouani*, Arkar Hlaing, Carol Pina, Aldo Recinos, Sandra Camacho and Magda Mendez

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