A Survey of Applications of Laser in Dermatology – Medical Physics | Abstract

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A Survey of Applications of Laser in Dermatology – Medical Physics


Skin is in the form of thin layer covering the muscles and muscular fibers of the body. It gives good shape for our body and is responsible for giving good complexion (colour) due to the presence of colouring pigment called melanin. Skin also protects our body from ultraviolet rays coming from the sun. it also allows the evaporation of water through the pores in it during summer thereby regulating the body temperature. The term dermatology refers diseases related to the skin. Now a day’s skin diseases are common due to allergic to drugs, insects bite and environmental pollution etc. these diseases related to skin can be cured by taking proper medicines of allopathy or herbal. But major skin disorders like tattoos(extra growth of skin), vascular skin lesion and hemangioma (tumour in blood vessels etc)cannot be rectified by oral medicinal therapy (or) laser treatment. Earlier only surgery was used to solve these types of major skin problems. With the advent of discovery of various types of laser which differ in power capacity and wave lengths coupled with optical fibers doctors can perform bloodless surgery in short duration on a specified area (pulse laser) with a minimum time for healing. One of the major field in which modern laser find its applications is dermatology through photothermal and photochemical reactions. The present study briefly discuss about various interesting applications in the field of dermatology.

Dr. A.Mukunthan

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