An Efficient Secure Routing Protocol in Ad-Hoc Networks | Abstract

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An Efficient Secure Routing Protocol in Ad-Hoc Networks


Anonymous routing schemes in MANETs can be classified into on-demand or reactive routing methods, proactive routing methods and anonymous middleware routing method. A finer classification of reactive routing methods includes hop-by-hop encryption and redundant traffic routing which either generate high cost or cannot provide full anonymity protection to data sources, destinations, and routes. An Anonymous Location-based Efficient Routing protocol (ALERT) was used to offer high anonymity protection at a low cost. Like other anonymity routing algorithms, ALERT is not completely bulletproof to all attacks. To prevent the occurrence of stronger and active attackers, we propose a Secure Cryptographic Based Mix-Zones Routing Protocol (SCMIX).The idea for mix-zones is to prevent the adversary from accessing the content of messages, including the Node's signatures. All legitimate nodes within the mix-zone obtain a symmetric key and utilize this key to encrypt all their messages while within the zone.

N.Almash Begam, A.Yusuf Khan

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