Analysis of Narcotics in Urine: A Review | Abstract

ISSN: 2319-9865

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Analysis of Narcotics in Urine: A Review


Analysis of narcotic drugs in body fluids are the choice of research since last two decades. The methods of analysis has been widely enhanced in the past few years. The analysis of narcotic drugs in urine sample is preferred among other body fluids as drugs and its metabolites found in urine are usually stable and are present in higher concentration as compared to other biological fluids. These are also detectable for a relatively longer period of time. Several techniques for the qualitative as well as quantitative analysis of narcotic drugs are reviewed in this paper ranging from conventional chromatographic methods to the modern UPLC-MS/MS and Micellar Electrokinetic Capillary Chromatographic methods, in order to suggest a better, efficient, fast and result oriented method that can be utilized in future work of analysis

Kriti Nigam, AK Gupta and Amit Chattree

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