Anti-diabetic Drugs and Fixed Dose Combination Therapy. | Abstract

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Anti-diabetic Drugs and Fixed Dose Combination Therapy.


The Combination Therapy of different mechanism of action of drugs plays an important role in the measurement of Type II Diabetes Mellitus. The effect of diabetes develops specific complications of retinopathy, nephropathy, neuropathy, cardiac vascular diseases and cerebro vascular diseases. Combination therapy is beneficial for various diseases over monotherapy. The oral hypoglycemic drug combination therapy is most suitable for chronic disorder. Sulfonyl ureas, Alpha glucosidase inhibitors, Biguanides, Meglitinides and Thiazolidinediones are important in Combination Therapy. Bilayer tablet is suitable for sequential release of two drugs in combination, in which one layer is initial dose as immediate release and second layer is maintenance dose. This article explains the dual therapy of bilayer tablet and combination of anti-diabetic drugs which improves the patient compliance and provides synergistic effect.

C Rubina Reichal, and M Gopal Rao

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