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Research & Reviews in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences : Citations & Metrics Report

Important citations (149)
image Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry with triazole-bonded stationary phase for n-methyl-d-aspartate receptor-related amino acids: development and application in microdialysis studies
image Succinimidyl (3-[(benzyloxy)carbonyl]-5-oxo-1,3-oxazolidin-4-yl)acetate on a triazole-bonded phase for the separation of dl-amino-acid enantiomers and the mass-spectrometric determination of chiral amino acids in rat plasma.
image Antiinflammatory and anti‐cancer activities of pomegranate and its constituent, ellagic acid: evidence from cellular, animal, and clinical studies
image Association between hdl cholesterol and qtc interval: a population-based epidemiological study
image A review on the methods for correcting the fluorescence inner-filter effect of fluorescence spectrum
image Formulation and characterization of eplerenone mucoadhesive buccal tablets
image Chitin and chitosan in drug delivery
image Requirements for a successful drug launch in small markets: a pilot study in lebanon.
image Medicinal, biological and phytochemical properties of gentiana species
image Evaluation of sleep pattern due to stress in undergraduate medical students and its impact on health and academic performance: a cross-sectional study from tertiary health center of central india
image A survey of the genesis of stress and its effect on the academic performance of midwifery students in a college in ghana.
image Sleep disruption in medicine students and its relationship with impaired academic performance: a systematic review and meta-analysis.
image Selenium and sulfur to produce allium functional crops.
image Ethnopharmacological profile of anti-arthritic plants of asia-a systematic review
image Poor performance of medicines logistics and supply chain systems in a developing country context: lessons from nigeria
image Synthesis, characterization, anti-inflammatory and anti-helicobacter pylori activities of novel benzophenone tetracarboxylimide benzoyl thiourea cross-linked chitosan hydrogels.
image N-phenylmaleimides affect adipogenesis and present antitumor activity through reduction of fasn expression.
image Evaluation of inhaler technique among patients with asthma and copd in yemen.
image Community pharmacists' response to acute back pain: a simulated patient study in western region, saudi arabia
image Barriers to and competency with the use of metered dose inhaler and its impact on disease control among adult asthmatic patients in ethiopia