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Aqueous Extraction of Ergothioneine from Mycelia of Pleurotus ostreatus and Ergothioneine Accumulation Regularity during Submerged Fermentation


Ergothioneine (EGT) can be produced by mycelia of mushrooms by submerged fermentation. In this study, we developed a brief method for extracting intracellular EGT. Hot water was selected as the appropriate solvent for its high safety and effectiveness during extraction process. With single-factor experiment and response surface methodology (RSM), the effects of the ratio of water to mycelia, temperature, stirring speed, processing time on the extract process were investigated and optimized. The results showed that on the conditions of the ratio of water to mycelia of 24.5: 1 (ml: g), temperature of 87.5°C, processing time of 10 min and stirring speed of 200 rpm, the extraction ratio of intracellular EGT is up to 97.1%, this method is simple and fast, thus it can be applied to industrialization conveniently. Moreover, this study showed that a small amount of extracellular EGT accumulation was observed during whole stage of fermentation, which is proposed to affect the intracellular EGT extraction and be useful for promoting EGT biosynthesis.

Weiya ZHANG, Qi LIU, Tao ZHOU, Baoliang MEI, Ning CHEN, Wenxia JIANG

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