Area Efficient Self Timed Adders For Low Power Applications in VLSI | Abstract

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Area Efficient Self Timed Adders For Low Power Applications in VLSI


In today‟s world there is a great need for low power design and area efficient high performance in DIP (Digital Image Processing) systemIn this paper the proposed method presents a parallel single-rail self-timed adder. It uses recursive method for performing multi bit binary addition. This design attains good performance without any special speedup circuitry. A practical implementation is provided along with a completion detection unit. The implementation is regular and does not have any practical limitations of high fan outs. The recursive method based adder consumes least power among other Self-timed adders. In our work this can be reduced with proposed adder. This technique presents a pre-processing and post processing adder to minimize the multiplier technique. A high fan-in gate is required though but this is unavoidable for asynchronous logic and is managed by connecting the transistors in parallel. Simulations have been performed using cadence tool and superiority of the proposed approach over existing asynchronous adders. In this proposed system we are using a parallel prefix adder it is used to reduce the power consumption, area efficiently .Simulation of this technique is carried out by the cadence tool CADENCE GPDK 180nm Technology

S.Bharathi, M.SunandhaPreethi

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