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Assessment of Available Heavy Metals Concentration and Soils Properties in Kurdistan Province, Western of Iran


Heavy metals (HMs) are the main pollutants in the environment. Over many years, high loadings of chemical fertilizers in intensive crop productions in Iran lead to environmental risks and ecological wastage. For better and accurate fertilizer recommendation, it is necessary to investigation of HMs sorption in soils. The objective of this research was to assess the available heavy metals (Cd, Cu, Fe, Mn, Ni, Pb and Zn) concentration in greenhouse site at two different depths (0-20 and 20- 40 cm) in Western Iran. Available heavy metals concentration in studied soils was high in compare with other researches of different countries, due to inputs as impurities from different fertilizers. Manganese, Pb and Zn had highest concentrations among different heavy metals in almost greenhouse studied soil samples. Therefore, balanced fertilization plans and reductions in the concentrations of heavy metals in both fertilizers and manures must be commended to preserve a safe concentration of heavy metals in greenhouse soils.

Fatemeh Ahmadi

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