Audio Based Steganography for Hiding Secret Data | Abstract

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Audio Based Steganography for Hiding Secret Data


Watermarking has been proposed as a solution to the problem of resolving Copyright ownership of multimedia data (image, audio, video). The work presented in this thesis is concerned with the design of robust digital image watermarking algorithms of least significant bit (LSB) algorithm for copyright protection and similarly the voice is compressed by using linear predictive code (LPC) algorithm, It is one of the most powerful speech analysis techniques, and one of the most useful methods for encoding good quality speech at a low bit rate and provides extremely accurate estimates of speech parameters. Finally hide the watermarked image and compressed voice by using Steganographic method. Steganography is an art of sending hidden data or a secret message over a public channel so that a third party cannot detect the presence of the secret message. Firstly, an overview of the watermarking system, applications of watermarking and attacks, are given. The robustness of the data is very important issue in watermarking. The watermarking algorithm which requires the presence of original image for watermark detection.

V. Nithya poorani, L.Jawagar

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