Axial Compressive Behaviour of Slender CFST members┬ľAnalytical Investigation | Abstract

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Axial Compressive Behaviour of Slender CFST membersľAnalytical Investigation


Concrete-filled steel tubular columns possess excellent earth-quake resistant properties such as high strength and ductility and large energy absorption capacity. For concrete-filled steel tubes (CFST), inward local buckling commonly observed in bare steel columns is effectively prevented, giving a higher capacity. However if the concrete core and the steel tube are loaded simultaneously the steel tube expands more than the concrete core under moderate loads since Poisson’s ratio is higher for the steel section. Number of researches has been done on composite tubular columns. But they are mainly on short columns, subjected to axial or earthquake loading. The objective of this paper is aimed at deriving an analytical solution for the behaviour of slender concrete-filled steel tubular sections with normal strength concrete. Various available codes and literatures were compared for this purpose and based on this; experimental programs are proposed to be performed.

K.Kalingarani, B. Shanmugavalli and Dr. M.C. Sundarraja

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