Chemoprevention in Prostate Cancer | Abstract

ISSN: 2319-9865

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Chemoprevention in Prostate Cancer


Cancer is one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality throughout the world. Therefore, several diverse approaches are required for the treatment and management of cancer which include radiation, chemotherapy, and surgical removal of malignant tissues. The multifactorial approaches to our fight against this dreaded disease is based on prevention of the disease through use of non-toxic dietary supplements, micronutrients and natural compounds. This approach is generally referred to as “chemoprevention”. Thus the major goal of chemoprevention is to delay the onset of cancer as well as decrease its incidence. It has been advocated that vegetarian diet may be an important source of cancer-inhibiting bioactive phytochemicals. It has been suggested that constituents of their diet such as garlic, ginger, soy, turmeric, onion, tomatoes, cruciferous vegetables and green tea play a significant role in cancer prevention. According to the World Cancer Research Fund/American Institute for Cancer Research, diets high in calcium (diets with whole milk, cheese, butter, cheese) are a probable cause of this malignancy, whereas lycopene, and selenium are probably protective factors.


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