Competency Enhancement: Intangible Benefits of TPM Implementation | Abstract

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Competency Enhancement: Intangible Benefits of TPM Implementation


Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is practical technique aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of facility that we use within our organization. TPM establishes a system of productive maintenance, covering the entire life cycle of equipment, covers all departments, involves participation of all employees from top to bottom and promotes small group autonomous activities. This research paper addresses the TPM implementation how it improves the competency level for employees at the Leading belt manufacturing company located in Madurai. A literature survey was undertaken into the elements and Tangible and intangible benefits of TPM implementation. Role competency gap for the employees, an intangible benefit of TPM for employees were discovered and the questionnaires were formulated. Based on the questionnaire, competency level for the employees assessed together with industrial people. From that survey information the role competency gap of each employee has been calculated by using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) & Role Competency Matrix (RCM).

K.Arunraj, M.Maran, G.Manikandan

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