Design and Analysis of Antenna Reflector Using Composite Materials | Abstract

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Design and Analysis of Antenna Reflector Using Composite Materials


An Antenna is basically a dish-shaped device of parabolic design, constructed with the purpose of sending and receiving signals from Satellites, which transmit data transmissions or broadcasts, among other things. Unidirectional carbon/epoxy and glass/epoxy composite laminates are highly orthotropic, with their conductivity and permittivity being strongly dependent on the incident angle relative to the fiber orientation.This project deals with the structural analysis of the composite reflectors which is subjected to high wind loads. The displacement stress and mass of Antenna Reflector is found by varying the thickness of antenna Tress and analysing them. The Report “Design and analysis of Antenna Reflector using composite materials” presents the theoretical design calculation finite element analysis of the Antenna occurs load estimation design calculation and static analysis of the Antenna Reflector to determine displacement, mass and stress.The design activities involved in the Antenna Reflector are estimation of the resultant load acting on the Reflector due to wind inertia and self-weight of Antenna Reflector. Preparation of 3Dconceptual modelling using CATIA-V5, Structural Analysis of Antenna Reflector using FEA involving following steps like preprocessing/ meshing of Reflector Assembly using HYPERMESH and solution, post processing using NASTRAN and HYPERVIEW for evaluation of the stress and displacement of the Antenna Reflector Assembly was carried out.

Mithunkumar C.N, Venkateshmurthy

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