Development, Fabrication and Analysis of Fixture | Abstract

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Development, Fabrication and Analysis of Fixture


A fixture is designed, built to hold, support and locate every component to ensure that each is drilled or machined with accuracy and manufactured individually. A fixture can be designed for the particular job using production tools which make the standard machine tool more versatile to work as specialized machine tools. They are normally used in small scale production by semi skilled operators. This dissertation work aims at designing a fixture used for performing machining operations at certain angle (102.5 degree) on the Crank case used in commercial vehicles. The design is proposed so that the required operations are performed properly with the conventional CNC machines to obtain required dimension which includes Design & Structural analysis of fixture is carried out using known and proven methods, i.e., Creo Elements/Direct modelling 17.0 Software.

Kiran Valandi, M.Vijaykumar, Kishore Kumar S

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