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Dysbacteriosis of Gut Microbiota Induces the Down-Regulation of Toll Like Receptor 7 and RIG-I-like Receptors in Virus-Infected Mice


The dysbacteriosis of gut microbiota induces an imbalance in the expression of pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory factors in gut-associated lymphoid tissues, causing reduction of both innate and adaptive immune responses in the body and inducing the development of pulmonary diseases. However, the underlying mechanisms remain unclear. In this study, an animal model of dysbacteriosis was first established through intragastric gavage of antibiotics in mice, which then were infected with influenza viruse FM1. The expression levels of the changes in TLR7 and RLRs immune recognition pathways were analyzed after dysbacteriosis. The results provide evidence to elucidate the importance of the balance of gut microbiota in the maintenance of immune recognition in the body.

Bin Yu, Jia Chen, Li Deng,Bing Sun, Xian-lin Wu, Chang-lin Zhao, Li Zhang, Min Sun, Cong-qi Dai, Sha Wu, Zhen-you Jiang, Xiao-yin Chen

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