Effect of Glass Fibre on Ordinary Concrete | Abstract

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Effect of Glass Fibre on Ordinary Concrete


During the past decades the construction field has experienced a growing interest in the advantages of fibre reinforcement in concrete. Between the different fibres available, e.g. steel, synthetic, glass, and natural fibres, steel fibre is probably the most investigated and most commonly used. Worldwide, a great deal of research is currently being conducted concerning the use of glass fibre as reinforcement in concrete. Less weight facilitates easy and rapid installation and also decreases the load applied on the structure. The light weight and tough material also minimizes the transportation expenditures, permits flexibility in design, and reduces the impact on environment. Superior strength enhances the ability to endure seismic loads. In the present experimental investigation, glass fibres has been used to study the effect on compressive, split tensile and fle xural strength on M20 & M25 grades of concrete with varying percentage of glass fibre.

Dr. K.M.Tajne, P.S.Bhandari

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