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Effect of Health Care Provider Role and Social Supporters Role in Diabetic Patient Self-Care: Systematic Review Study


Most of the research findings have stressed the significance of social support derived from Health Care providers, family, spouses, and friends of Type 2 Diabetes mellitus patients in enhancing participation in self-care activities. Nevertheless, relevant data on the issue of diabetes self-care practices within a Saudi Arabian context is particularly limited, while literature exploring the relationship between self-care and social support is absent. Consequently, research was not available on social support within a Saudi Arabian context, resulting in a lack of clarity surrounding its impact on diabetes self-care in this country. This evidence gap has reinforced the need for research to analyse the effect of Health Care Providers roles and social supports roles as determinants of self-care among Saudi Arabian Diabetes mellitus patients. Currently, few research studies have sought to resolve the problem of non-adherence to self-care activities in Saudi Arabia. It appears that diabetes self-care activities and social support may play an important role in managing Diabetes mellitus. The present study seeks to address this critical evidence gap. Reviewing literature can support Saudi Arabiabased Health Care Providers to develop healthcare services and social support systems that include health education programs on individual patient needs and conditions. In conclusion, social support strategies must be considered in relation to potential individual barriers to self-care activities. The study recommends that great emphasis should be placed on the development of diabetes patient care that supports the patients in implementing effective self-management care.

Sabah Ismail Alsomali*, Bakitah Awad Algamdi, Shoaa Ashwi Alenezi, Shuaa Essa Alanazy, Dalal Nashi Alrashidi, Wafaa Mohammed Alhamed, Mohamed E Eid

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