Efficiency Enhancement of Photovoltaic Cell | Abstract

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Efficiency Enhancement of Photovoltaic Cell


The solar PV is an exciting technology but suffers from low efficiency. A study on low efficiency in multi MW solar power plants reveals that the electric yield of the PV modules is reduced due to reflection from the sun and when a module temperature is elevated, there is decrease in the voltage and efficiency. This paper is an effort to improve the efficiency of the solar photovoltaic panels by active cooling to reduce the temperature losses and by using optical filter to reduce reflection losses considerably to some extent. The hardware implements a cooling technology which incorporates water as a coolant so that the temperature losses are reduced and the efficiency is enhanced, also it has a solar tracker with LDR circuit and DC motor for moving the solar panel to achieve better insolation. The effects of frequency of solar radiation (electro-magnetic radiation) on solar insolation and efficiency using optical filters have been studied.

B.Balamuralikrishnan, B.Deepika, K.Nagajothi, S.Shubaa shree, P.T.Subasini

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